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Press Release
February 23 , 2009

Audio Video Concepts and its family of companies has gained more real estate on the world wide web by establishing a presence on facebook, the social networking site.

JD "Joining the facebook community allowed us greater exposure to a more diverse audience as well as the ability to interacte with people on a level previously unavailable. Fans of the page can now get regular updates of things happening within our companies and within the industry. Fans can also ask questions and share insight on various topics."

Visit our facebook business page by clicking on the link below and "become a fan." As a facebook fan of Audio Video Concepts you will receive up to the minute updates, and you can become part of the action by getting involved with interactive reviews and discussions.

Audio Video Concepts business page on facebook

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Press Release
March 1, 2008


Audio Video Concepts and its family of companies has announced that they are GoingGreen in an effort to do their part in saving the world we live in. By reducing our environmental footprint, and promoting sustainable living practices, we hope to encourage others to do the same.

More information on Cobb Chamber of Commerce

JD "GoingGreen was an effort that we started to research in '07 and continues to evolve as we continue to learn. Doing our part in promoting sustainable living has become very important to us and we recognize that the process starts with each individual."

"We are also developing "LivingGreen with Audio Video Concepts" so that our clients will know exactly what we can offer them in terms of eco-friendly services. This will be an exciting interactive development on our web site for potential clients that we are definitely looking forward to."

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Press Release
May 23, 2007

Cobb Chamber of Commerce

Audio Video Concepts and its family of company's is pleased to announce its recent membership within the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. Established in 1942, the Cobb Chamber of Commerce represents the diverse, dynamic business community of Cobb County. The Cobb Chamber is a member-supported business organization working to maintain a healthy economy by bringing business and industry to the area and helping established firms grow.

More information on Cobb Chamber of Commerce

JD "The Cobb Chamber of Commerce is a staple within this community and provides a wealth of business resources. Of course the tremendous networking opportunities go without saying, and we hope that we can capitalize on developing strong relationships."

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Press Release
March 1, 2006

Low Voltage Concepts, LLC and Security Concepts, LLC.

Audio Video Concepts, Inc. is please to introduce the addition of Low Voltage Concepts LLC and Security Concepts LLC.

More information on Low Voltage Concepts and Security Concepts

JD “Over the past 12 months we had been looking at opportunities to continue growing the business in line with the company objectives.  It was a combination of circumstances, opportunities and key personnel that lined up with what we were trying to accomplish within the high-end residential market that made this an exceptional business move.”

“Low Voltage Concepts and Security Concepts were primarily created to focus on providing the high-end and custom residential building market with complete low voltage pre-wire solutions.  From total structured wiring solutions, and integrated security systems, to the appropriate distribution of audio and video sources.”

“The addition of these two companies will allow all three companies to provide a seamless and complete turn-key solution from inception to completion, thus making us one of Atlanta’s premier systems integrators.  This is an exciting time for me personally because this is a win - win situation for everyone, and ultimately will allow us to focus more effectively on providing exceptional customer service to the end user.”

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Press Release
October 31, 2005

Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association

Audio Video Concepts is proud to announce its recent membership within the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. The GAHBA, founded in 1945, is a not-for-profit professional trade association dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the homebuilding industry as a viable economic force in the Atlanta area.

More information on Greater Atlanta Home Builders Assoc

JD " Within the past 12 months our business focus has begin to expand and diversify so that we may continue to stay at the forefront of our industry. Over the coming year with forays into new markets, gaining membership within the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association will only strengthen our position within these markets as we continue to move forward."

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Press Release


Audio Video Concepts is proud to announce that Jim Dodd has recently been awarded the prestigious THX Certified Home Theater Technician I from THX. Through performance standards and proprietary technologies, THX helps studios, video game developers and consumer electronics manufacturers create products that deliver high impact entertainment experiences.

More information on THX

JD "It has always been my desire since I've been in this industry to be the best that I could be. By receiving this certification, this just gives me one more block for building that foundation."


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Press Release
July 15th, 2003

Audio Engineering Society

Audio Video Concepts, Inc. proudly announces its membership within the Audio Engineering Society (AES) as a full dues paying member.  The AES is headquartered in New York City and is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to audio technology.  AES has been serving its members, the industry, and the public for over 50 years in the various fields of audio technology and professional audio equipment.

More information on Audio Engineering Society

JD: “For us as a company, it was a very logical move to gain membership within AES because of their extensive commitment to the advancement of audio technologies and continuing education.  We feel that this move simply re-enforces our continued commitment to high-end audio gear and audio technologies in general.  If you recall several years ago AVC made a conscience decision to move away from commercial A/V installations so that we could focus more specifically on high-end residential projects.”

“I believe that utilizing the resources and training that AES has to offer will greatly enhance our expertise within the home theater market particularly when dealing with ‘large room acoustics,’ and that growing area known as prosumer electronics.”

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Press Release
February 8th, 2002

Home Acoustics Alliance

Audio Video Concepts, Inc. is proud to announce that Jim Dodd has been certified as a trained technician with the Home Acoustical Alliance (HAA).  The HAA was established in 1989 to provide custom installers the proper tools and techniques to help maximize the acoustical properties within a given space.  Although the HAA certification program covers a wide variety of acoustical principals, the focus is specifically geared to small spaces of less than 3,000 cu. ft.

More information on Home Acoustics Alliance

JD: “Often times many of our clients feel as though all of their budget should be spent on acquiring the ‘best equipment.’  They fail to realize how the room itself is part of the system, and how it plays a significant role in final outcome and quality of the sound.  And often times dealing with low bass frequencies for many remains a mystery, or at best a guessing game.”

“The training provided by HAA gives me the proper knowledge and tools to evaluate room conditions in a predictable and reliable manner.  This allows us to avoid potential challenges before construction even begins, and minimize frequency challenges once the space has been completed utilizing a variety of full-range frequency solutions.”

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Press Release
February 8th, 2002

Imaging Science Foundation

We are proud to announce that Jim Dodd of Audio Video Concepts, Inc. has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) as a certified video calibration technician.  The ISF, founded in 1982, is an organization dedicated to providing the proper training for NTSC calibration of all video display units.

More information on Imaging Science Foundation

JD: “I felt that it was important for us as a company installing high-end video equipment to be properly trained in video calibration and reproduction.  Although many video display manufacturers provide training for their particular products, becoming an ISF certified technician provides a tremendous advantage in allowing display devices to perform accurately and at their best because they are properly calibrated.  This ultimately provides our clients with a more enjoyable experience.”

“It’s also extremely helpful when looking at potential product lines to be able to understand the process of video production.  This gives me the ability to effectively compare how various manufacturers handle particular elements of video production."

The National Television and Systems Committee (NTSC) is an organization that was created in 1953 for the purpose of establishing a standard in video broadcasting.

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