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Effective November 1, 2008, TVs that carry the ENERGY STAR label will be up to 30% more efficient than conventional models and will save energy while they are on and when they are off (stand by and active modes).

Consumer electronics (CE) research firm Parks and Associates predict that media server sales in 2006 will reach approximately 10 million, and nearly quintuple to 50 million units sold by the year 2010.

Residential green building is expected to grow from $7.4 billion dollars in 2005 to $38 billion by 2010. 

The NAHB and the Consumer Electronics Association's joint study show that 74 percent of builders offer multi-room audio.

According to the 2005 American Institute of Architects survey, the demand for home offices was up 47%.

America Online’s broadcast of the Live 8 concert in July 2006 was watched by a five million people—the kind of surprising statistic which sparks industry stampedes.

In the last two months of 2005, 3 million videos were downloaded from iTunes.

An October 2005 study conducted by the Cushman & Wakefield Valuation Services-Retail Industry Group for the movie theater industry found that high-definition television (HDTV) and home theater were substantial threats to movie theater revenues.

In October 2005, Apple struck a deal with ABC to make hour-long dramas like "Lost" and “Desperate Housewives” available for download from iTunes for $1.99 a show. A few weeks later, Apple partnered with NBC to make sitcoms like “The Office” downloadable.

In the summer of 2005, internet service provider AOL found that 73 percent of those consumers polled would rather watch a movie at home than go to their local theater.

Tricia Parks, president of Dallas-based home industry research company Parks Associates, agrees. "If a new home has structured wiring, it is likely to hold value well because it doesn't wear out," Parks says. Although it is hard to say just what that dollar value will be, selling a home with structured wiring may offer other benefits, according to Parks. "It may encourage sales over a similar house, or it may increase the speed of a sale," she says.

North America’s mobile online gaming market is estimated to grow from $3.4 billion in 2005 to more than $13 billion in 2011 according to research firm DFC Intelligence.

Electronic equipment is one of the largest sources of heavy metals, toxic materials, and organic pollutants in municipal trash waste. Recent U.S. EPA studies estimate that only about 11 percent of electronics are recycled.

Home builders sold $11 billion worth of technology products in 2004 and expect sales to increase 10-12% in 2005, according to Parks Associates’ 2004 Builder Survey.

Seventy-five percent of women said they would choose a plasma TV over a diamond solitaire necklace and a similar number preferred a high-end mobile phone to designer shoes, according to a survey by TRU for the Oxygen Network.

One of the most requested amenities by new-home buyers is a media room, according to both the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

According to the 2004 Builders Practices Study from the National Association of Home Builders and the Consumer Electronics Association, luxury builders are the leaders in offering home technologies.



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