What once started as a novel concept, has now taken on a life of its own in the form of a global initiative. GoingGreen is not just about conserving energy and water, but involves finding alternative fuel sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating sustainable environments, and thinking outside the box by making conscious choices and establishing new practices.

At Audio Video Concepts, taking care of the environment is important to us. And we feel compelled to do our part in saving the world we live in. From changing office practices and seeking products and vendors that can make a difference, to providing home owners with energy saving products and applications, we are committed to providing relevant and feasible solutions.

Our family of companies is a proud partner of the ENERGY STAR program †, and we are proud to offer our clients products with the ENERGY STAR label whenever possible. We are also sponsors of Home Performance with Energy Star in Georgia. We hope that you too value the world we live in and choose to do your part in making a difference by GoingGreen.

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